The Academy at St John’s®


 A distinctive venue for your business needs



SHP® acquired this property on the Heart of the North Wales Coast.

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This venue is a brilliant place for meeting room & chapel hire for all your training needs.  What we offer is a professional technological advanced environment with meeting, training and conference facilities with cutting edge cyber secure IO networks. 



Whilst keeping the overall scope of the building intact, we vow to restore it to its former glory and installing up to date technology throughout the premises bringing it into the 21st Century, but without losing the character or history of the building.

Training Academy

We offer training courses on PLC, SCADA and DCS Integration.  We have a fully equipped training room with the latest IT equipment, which accommodates 2 - 30 people.


Originally called St John's Methodist Church, the building itself was built by brick in the late nineteenth century, in the Tudor Gothic style with a long-wall entry plan and polychrome string lines. 

According to Archives, The Church first opened it's doors on Friday 21st May 1880 and closed 136 years later on Sunday 27th March 2016.  The chapel was part of the English Rhyl Circuit.

Team Building

The Academy is located around various outdoor activity centres.  So once the meeting, training has ended.  The delegates are able to relax and have some fun from the Zip Wire Park to having a Splash at White Water Rafting.

Even the simplest of Team Building activities sends a message to your team - you care about their success.  Each of the different activities are designed to help them grow and develop new skills, doing this indicates that 'you' as a company is committed to its employees.


The Academy at St John's® is a registered trademark of SHP® Automation Limited.