Oil Interceptor Alarm Installation


Interceptor alarms can be installed to sound an alert when a high oil or silt level is reached, preventing oil interceptors from filling up between 6 monthly inspections. Alarms can be as simple as “local” systems that connect to an above-ground beacon, or as sophisticated as systems that connect to online portals or your Building Management System (BMS) and display the oil and/or sludge levels in real time.

Alarm Setup

We can install an interceptor alarm if it was installed incorrectly or if you want to upgrade your interceptor to include an oil/sludge alarm. We can provide alarms ranging from simple to complex systems, and we can connect smart systems to external devices such as a BMS as part of the installation. Our installation team will make certain that the alarm is fully operational and calibrated to the proper level. Our alarm systems are available in both mains and solar power, and we can complete any civil work required to run the necessary caballing.

Alarm Maintenance

We can perform specialised interceptor alarm maintenance visits in addition to performing maintenance as part of our six-monthly inspections, which include an evaluation of the alarm’s operation. If the alarm is discovered to be defective during an inspection, we will make every effort to repair it during the same visit; however, in some cases, a second visit may be required to complete the repair.


  • Warns you when there is too much oil, liquid, or silt in the separator.
  • Reduces the cost of waste management
    EN858-1&2 and PPG3 standards are met.
  • It is compatible with interceptors from all manufacturers.
  • Lowers the cost of interceptor maintenance.
  • Remote and automated monitoring
  • Ensures that interceptors operate safely and economically.