We are able to calibrate all forms of Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow, Weight, pH, Conductivity, Electrical and Test Equipment.

Should safety conditions and process control allow, calibration can normally be performed with process facilities still running.  The calibration of Instruments is the most basic maintenance requirement, which is an established procedure that every business using machinery or Instruments must conduct periodically as specified in their machinery or instrument requirements.

Calibration accurately determines the correlation between the input and the measured output of whatever quantity an instrument is measuring under specified conditions.  This subsequently means that results are quickly and simply documented, which is particularly important for companies complying with ISO 9001 standards – the ultimate global benchmark for quality management – since it ensures that the equipment is working within its correct specifications.

Flowmeter Verification

Our SHP® Engineers are fiscal flow metering specialists in using the advanced instrument to carry out the complex verification and performance check.

The Verificator checks the general operation conditions of the flowmeter but also that the flowmeter is within specification including the sensor’s magnetic integrity.