“Having a comprehensive R&D and workshop facility, we are able to fully develop and test software and I/O to ensure correct operation.”

We a dedicated support service providing 24/7 support to your automation system, any time of the day or night.”

“We are a provider to the process automation and control industry and we operate in a diverse range of industrial sectors.”

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“Currently at our Head Office we offer in-house training courses for PLC, SCADA and DCS integration”


“Our bespoke panels are designed specifically for your site requirements.”


“We calibrate all forms of Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow, Weight, pH, Conductivity, Electrical and Test Equipment.”


“All duties are performed by a team of service technicians who are able to provide a quality assured cost-effective repair and calibrations service.”


“Our soon to be opened Training Academy in Wales.”

SHP Automation Limited® places the client at the heart of everything we do and aim to make it easier to improve your business efficiency.

Utilising new ideas, best of the breed, and existing technology we provide a complete and reliable solution tailored to your individual process and business needs.

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