SHP junior®

Kids of Today, In Control of Tomorrow

A family friendly view on Engineering

The aim of SHP junior® is to get kids interested and involved in the Engineering Automation Industry.  It's a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry that offers great career opportunities and we want to inspire the Kids of Today, to become the Automation Engineers of Tomorrow.

We want this to be in keeping with our main brand SHP® but it will be solely based on teahcing children the world of Automation, in a fun and interactive way.  Our Training Academy in Prestatyn, Wales will be the main hub for the business and our ambition is to take the training into Schools and Colleges across the North West of the UK and Wales.
School children in general and any kids that want to learn and are interested in how things will benefit from these workshops.  Some kids may attend with little or no interest, but will then go away thinking that was really cool and interesting, having taken a positive from their learning experience. Each workshop session will consist of both self-guided and engineer-led projects to ensure that each child is learning in a fun, safe environment.  The sessions will be held in local schools to get young kids involved, and getting them interested in the Automation & Engineering Industry, engaging them in fun & interactive ways, pening up the door for a new breed of engineers.

Workshop Calendar

We are currently updating our workshop calendar, please check back soon or email for more information