Service & Supply

Service & Supply

Where it proves no longer cost-effective to repair equipment we are able to provide replacement equipment from of extensive stock to refurbished instrumentation.

All works are performed by a team of a service technician who is able to provide a quality assured cost-effective repair and calibrations service. 

Our SHP® engineers are able to service and repair all types of process instrumentation and control equipment at our dedicated workshop facility. Where there is a requirement for new process equipment, we have excellent working relationships with most of the major instrumentation manufacturers. 

Remaining totally vendor-neutral and having no formal distribution agreements with any manufacturer, we are therefore able to provide the most cost-effective solution to your instrumentation and control equipment requirement.

Here are just a few Benefits of having an Efficient Process Control System:

  • Energy SavingEnergy wastage is reduced when your plant & machinery are efficiently operated
  • Improved SafetyControl systems automatically warn you of any abnormalities which minimize the risk of accidents
  • Consistent Product QualityVariations in product quality are kept to a minimum & reduce your wastage
  • Improved Environmental PerformanceSystems can give you an early warning of risk in emissions
  • Lower Manufacturing Costs Detecting faults early mean throughout, yield & quality are maintained